The Intensive Reeducation Seminar For Obstetricians, Gynecologistsand and General Surgeons Was Held in Kish Island

Intensive reeducation seminar for obstetricians, gynecologists and general surgeons was held in Kish Island, 11-13Jan, 2012. Specialists participated in theory sessions, video reviews and practical sessions on module and animal tissue under supervision of Dr. Hossein Ashesh, MD , Dr. Faramarz Karimian, MD ,Dr.Jalal Rezaee, MD ,Dr.Ahmadreza Soroush, MD ,Dr.Adel Shervin, MD ,Dr. Zahra Asgari, MD ,Dr. Zahra Rezaee, MD ,Dr. Sadigheh Amani, MD ,Dr. Reyhaneh Hosseyni, MD and Dr. Elham Akbari, MD.Certificates from Tehran University of Medical Science, WOLF and Arian Tandorost, co were bestowed upon participants.

Subjects of Theory and Video Review Sessions:

1 Fundamentals of laparoscopy Hossein Ashesh, MD
2 Laparoscopy during pregnancy Dr.Jalal Rezaee
3 Myomectomy Dr. Zahra Asgari
4 Ovarian cyst Dr. Elham Akbari
5 EP in laparoscopy Dr.Adel Shervin
6 Septum bleeding in laparoscopic Dr.Zahra Rezaee
7 Ergonomic & Robotic Surgery Dr. Faramarz Karimian
8 Laparoscopy in acute abdomen Dr. Ahmadreza Soroush
9 Hysterectomy laparoscopy Dr. Reyhaneh Hosseini
10 Laparoscopic Lymphadenectomy Dr.Adel Shervin
11 Pelvic adhesion Dr. Sadigheh Amani
12 Entry into the abdominal cavity Dr. Ahmadreza Soroush
13 Treating peritonitis via laparoscopy Dr.Adel Shervin
14 Hemostasis and cauterizing Dr.Zahra Rezaee
15 Challenges in laparoscopy and minimally invasive laparoscopy Dr. Ahmadreza Soroush