Question: Give a general and brief definition for Laparoscopy.

Answer: Laparoscopy is a new method of surgery, with the title of surgery with a minimum invasion. It is conducted by making a little hole on the skin, entering abdomen and using special surgical tools and camera.

Question: What are the advantages of this method of surgery with regard to other methods?

Answer: the advantages of this method are:

* Minimum pain
* Minimum infection that appears after surgery
* Quick nourishing after surgery, so that most patients are able to nourish by mouth 8 hours after the surgery
* The period of bedridden in the hospital is reduced, so that most of patients can leave the day after the surgery
* To return to work and daily activities very soon

This method is suitable for people who have important and susceptible jobs and have to return to work very soon. As beauty concerns, this method doesn’t remain any surgical cutting on abdomen and breast.

Question: Which group of surgeries can be done by Laparoscopy?

Answer: About 80% of abdomen and thorax surgeries and in particular pelvis surgeries are conducted by Laparoscopy. For example: Taking gall-bladder because of bladder-stone and the inflammation of appendicitis, amending ruptures of the groin and abdomen and the ruptures after the surgery on the stomach and the intestine because of the inflammatory and …… diseases, reducing the size of stomach and putting the hoop/ring/circle around stomach (Gastric Bandiny) for the treatment of obesity, and the surgery on kidneys.

………………, the …….. of kidneys and…….., also all the surgeries that are conducted on the womb and ovules of women, tying the tubes of womb and conducting the surgery on the lung and some of heart diseases are done by Laparoscopy.

Question: Is Laparoscopy helpful for treatment and recognition except conducting the surgery?

Answer: Yes, one of the applications of Laparoscopy is in the patients who have severe problems of abdomen and are hurt in an accident and it is not possible to have final diagnosis with current feasibilities, patients who have the problem of sterility, and sampling of internal organs of abdomen for final diagnosis.

Question: At present, is there any Iranian hospital that can conduct surgeries which are mentioned above by Laparoscopy?

Answer: Fortunately, most of Laparoscopic surgeries are possible in Iran with due attention to current feasibilities and in addition to usual surgeries, advanced surgeries are conducted in Iran such as sending out tumors of ……., taking a part of the lung and conducting stomach surgeries. We are planning to provide necessary feasibilities in near future to conduct more Laparoscopic surgeries.