Reeducation of Nurses & ORs

  • Hands on training
  • Tutorship & assessment
  • Group discussion
  • Tranquil learning environment
  • Worldwide best practiced training method

Course Objectives

The Course Reeducation of Nurses and Technicians of Operating-room is intended to prepare nurses and OR technicians for laparoscopic surgery and after operation medical care. This course is  attended by Tehran University of Medical Science Professors and participants will be awarded the compiled reeducation license in the Education Center of Laparoscopy of Tehran University of Medical Science.

After the course, participants know about:

  • Laparoscopic introduction
  • Instrument  knowledge
  • Nurse role in laparoscopy
  • Laparoscopic complications

Eligibility :

This course may suit best people from the following fields.

  • Nurses from conventional operation
  • Occupational health nurses
  • Alternative therapists
  • Experienced operation room staff

Course duration:

  • 1 Day


  • Laparoscopy Training Center of TUMS, Parvin Sq., 196 St., TehranPars 3rd Sq., Tehran, Iran


First Day

  • Maintenance and sterilization of laparoscopic Instruments
  • Introduction onindications of laparoscopic surgery and its practical application
  • Different laparoscopic surgerycondition
  • Laparoscopic instrument introduction
  • Pre and post operation roles
  • Definition of roles in team working laparoscopic operation
  • Common complications
  • Surgical equipment: description, cleaning and ways of use: insufflator, cold light source, camera, monitors, irrigation/suction device, electrosurgery. 
  • Laparoscopic instruments: graspers, hooks, scissors, instruments for ligature, clips and automatic graspers