Morbid Obesity (Stapling)

  • 1 day intensive training program
  • Hands on training
  • Tutorship & assessment
  • Group discussion
  • Tranquil learning environment
  • Worldwide best practiced training method

Course Objectives of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

  • To cover a broad spectrum of surgical procedures in morbid obesity surgery
  • To provide indications for surgical treatment and discuss operative complications
  • To highlight technicalities of surgical interventions through the broadcasting of live procedures
  • Real-time discussion between the instructor and the surgeon trainees
  • To provide hands-on sessions to improve skills in laparoscopic surgery through practice on live tissue under experts’ tutorials
  • To describe postoperative clinical results and practical applications of evidence-based clinical medicine.

Eligibility :

  • General surgeons

Course duration:

  • 1 day


  • Laparoscopy Training Center of TUMS, Parvin Sq., 196 St., TehranPars 3rd Sq., Tehran, Iran
  • Bahman Hospital,Iran Zamin St., Tehran, Iran


First Day

Introduction Gastric sleeve resection

Patient selection

Side effects

Gastric sleeve resection movie review

Metabolic surgery using bariatric techniques

Live animal surgery

Live surgery observation