Dr. Hossein Ashegh

Personal Information

Name: Hossein

Last name: Ashegh

The Date of birth: 1961

The Place of birth: Iran – Tehran

Sex: Male

Nationality: Iranian

Religion: Muslim

Marital Status: Married

The work address: Laparoscopy Training Center – Number 4 – next to Mirza kuchak khan Hospital – Northern Nejatolahi – Karim khan zand Street – Tehran – Iran

Work Telephone Number: +98 – 21 – 88939639

Fax Telephone Number: +98 – 21- 88939638

E-mail address: ashegh@sina.tums.ac.ir

The Current Organization: The Head of Laparoscopy Training Center of Tehran University of Medical Science

Past activities:

  1. The head and surgeon of Mirza kouchak khan Hospital
  2. The head and surgeon of Baharlou Hospital
  3. Laparoscopy Training Center establishment
  4. The manager of International Affairs and University interrelations

Professional Trainings:

  1. Diploma from University of Wein
  2. General Surgeon from Wein
  3. General Surgeon specialist from Wein
  4. General Surgeon specialist from Tehran University of Medical Science

Professional Courses and Workshops:

  1. Advanced Training course of Laparoscopy, Wein University
  2. Surgical Course of Advanced Laparoscopy for Gastric Banding usages (MIDBAND), Savegarde clinic in France
  3. Laparoscopy Training Course, Holland
  4. Advanced Laparoscopy Course – England, UCL University

Scientific Lectures:

  1. The lecture about Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy, Tehran University of Medical Science
  2. The lecture about indications of Laparoscopy surgeries, Training workshop of Tehran University of Medical Science in Kish Island

Research Articles in English Magazines:

  1. Ashegh H, Rezaii J, Esfandiari K, Tavakoli H, Abouzari M, Rashidi A, One-port laparoscopic technique for placement of Tennckhoff chatheters: report of 79procedures. Peri Dial Int 2008(in press)
  2. Rezaii J, Tavakoli H, Esfandiari K, Ashegh H, Hasibi M, Ghanei G, Khosh-Baten M, Rashidi A, The association between Helicobacter pylori infection and laryngopharyngeal carcinoma: a case-control study and review of the literature. Head&Neck 2008 (in press)
  3. Rezaii J, Esfandiari K, Abdolrazzaghi HA, Tavakoli H, Ashegh H, Rashidi A, Abouzari M, -Pharyngoesophageal foreign bodies: A report of 10 year experience – Clin. Otolaryngol. 2007 Jun:32(3) 217-7 -PMID:17550525


The principles of Laparoscopy Surgery